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Come Enjoy "Fair Hill Races" 2017

Join us in celebrating the 83rd anniversary of this magnificent Cecil County tradition! Since 1934, Fair Hill Races has attracted horsemen, families, and bettors to the 5,600 acre former estate of the late William duPont, Jr. Drawing over 12,000 spectators, the Races is the largest annual single-day event held in Cecil County.

The only Steeplechase race in the country to offer pari mutuel betting, the Races also provide a range of fun activities for the entire family including Stick Pony races for the kids, dozens of merchants in Vendor Village, and a variety of delicious foods for sale from crab cakes to pulled pork!

The Fair Hill Races benefit Union Hospital. The Cecil County Breeders’ Fair Board works hard on this wonderful event for the community each year. We hope to see you at the Races!


Ticket information will be available when determined.


Fair Hill
402 Fair Hill Drive
Elkton, MD 21921

Date and Time

Date and Time  will be available when determined.

Fair Hill Races — Race Policies
2017 Fair Hill Race Policies

  • Races run RAIN or SHINE
  • No refunds
  • Gates open at 10:00 a.m.
  • No pets allowed
  • No glass containers, grills, tents or canopies are permitted (Glass, propane grills and tents are permitted in the tailgate area only)
  • Propane grills are permitted in the tailgate area with an operating fire extinguisher
  • No throwing of Frisbees or balls is permitted
  • Legal action will be taken against persons not of legal age consuming alcohol or adults serving alcohol to minor
  • Disruptive behavior is cause for expulsion from the Fair Hill Races

Note: Contributions or gifts made to the Fair Hill Races ARE tax deductible as charitable contributions to the extent permitted by law. Please consult with your tax advisor.

Fair Hill Races Brochure

How to Bet

All betting and cashing transactions may be handled at any pari-mutuel window. You may bet any dollar amount over the minimum wager. Please call your bets in the following order: 1st - state the race number you wish to bet on, 2nd - state the dollar amount you wish to bet, 3rd, - state the type of wager, 4th - state the program number(s) of the horse(s) that you wish to bet.

Example: "4th race, $2 to win on number 5" or" 2nd race, $10 to show on number 1" BEFORE LEAVING THE WINDOW: Make certain to check your tickets and count your change. HOLD ALL TICKETS UNTIL RACE IS OFFICIAL. In case of objection or disqualification, do not throw away or try to cash your tickets until the race is "official".


If you bet to WIN, you collect if your horse finishes FIRST. If you bet to PLACE, you collect if your horse finishes FIRST or SECOND. If you bet SHOW, you collect if your horse finishes FIRST, SECOND, or THIRD


Races 1 & 2 and Races 6 & 7

To win a Daily Double, you must select the winner of the first half and the second half of the Daily Double on a single ticket.

This bet must be purchased PRIOR TO THE FIRST DESIGNATED RACE OF THE DAILY DOUBLE Race 1 or Race 6.

EXACTA - All Races

To win an exacta, you must select horses that will finish First AND Second on a single ticket. The two horses must finish in the exact order. Please note that this race is also called "Perfecta" at some race tracks. Example: Fair Hill, 3rd race, $2 on exacta #2-4.

TRIFECTA - All Races

To win a Trifecta, you must select the horses that finish first, second AND third, in the exact order on a single ticket.

Example: Fair Hill, 3rd race, $3 on trifecta #1-4-5.